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WoodPad Duo - Stand both your devices in once space  13 Aug, 2012

WoodPad Duo you say? Yes, Duo. Stand two devices in one space, whether that be an iPad and keyboard or iPad and iPhone. This new product in the WoodPad family is now available for sale in the ever popular Oak. Further information is available on the product page. ... Read more >>>

Another Way To Use WoodPad   11 Jul, 2012

WoodPad holds your iPad for so many different tasks, including typing with a bluetooth keyboard.But what about those times when you don't have your external keyboard to hand? Well, WoodPad helps you there too... ... Read more >>>

Just How Big Is Apple  24 Apr, 2012

Apple are huge these days, but just how big? From: Best Computer Science Degrees ... Read more >>>

Royal Mail Price Hike  29 Mar, 2012

Royal Mail have been in the news quite a bit over the last few days; postage prices are on the increase in a big way here in the UK. For a standard letter, a first class stamp is going up in price from 46p to 60p, second class increases from 36p to 50p. That is nearly a 40 percent price hike for ... Read more >>>

Five Quick WoodPad Facts  09 Feb, 2012

The first WoodPad was made, as a design concept, in April 2010. WoodPad was first available to purchase on 11th June 2010 - The first WoodPad sold was a WoodPad for iPad - Ash and went to Cheshire. The best selling WoodPad is the Oak for iPad. To date, there are WoodPad in 15 cou... Read more >>>

Where are they now?  26 Jan, 2012

A few of the places WoodPad have gone to live... Not every WoodPad is shown - A pin in each country, US state or UK county is the target! View Where are they now in a larger map Zoom in and out with the + - buttons ... Read more >>>

Cult of Mac feature WoodPad!  18 Jan, 2012

  We have had some major website views thanks ot the guys at The Cult of Mac who "rather like the look of these handmade wooden iPad stands". See the post here.   ... Read more >>>

Why I am so pleased with my iPad stand  02 Jan, 2012

  Tech and Craftsmanship - Why I'm so pleased with my iPad stand Christmas 2011 brought technology into the Webber household in the form of an iPod touch and an iPad. The iPod spends most of its time in a speaker dock in our Breakfast room but as for the iPad... well that mo... Read more >>>

The simplicity of the WoodPad is its defining feature  10 Jul, 2011

My iPad has spent its whole life protected by Apple’s original iPad case which has held the iPad upright in landscape mode quite happily. However, recently I have noticed a tendency to fall over. No, not me, the iPad! Read the review here   ... Read more >>>